From Brændstrup Maskinfabrik to IQ Metal

Brændstrup Maskinfabrik was founded on May 1, 1965 by smith Niels Ejnar Brændstrup, and the company has since then developed into a leading supplier of machining solutions with several specialties within the profession. Recent growth has been considerable and run by the new owners, headed by Bo Fischer Larsen. On September 1, 2011 the company changes its name to the international IQ Metal, and this also means that the cornerstone is laid to continued growth.

The factory in Hasselager south of Aarhus simply exudes machine and sheet works. A guided tour leaves no doubt that here you find a comprehensive assembly of machines matching international standards. ”Brændstrup’s vision has always been to ensure that we are able to deliver components, subassemblies and complete products to our customers in the right quality, on time, and at the right price. We must always be on the cutting edge of the development which is why we have invested heavily in machinery and processes”, says CEO of the company, Bo Fischer Larsen. Machines are able to execute not only the ordinary tasks common to a machine and steel works, but can also combine several processes in one operation, and this is one of the reasons why it is possible to ensure the competitiveness, making jobs stay in Denmark.

Focus of the company is on supplying a total solution to the customer at a competitive price. This makes it unnecessary for customers to put up with the troubles of long delivery times or unstable product qualities which may be the case when buying abroad. The company’s customers are primarily Danish but an increasing part of the production goes to countries abroad, and this has caused the need for a name that can be used worldwide. The management and the direction of the company have worked on establishing a new name, and it can now be announced that the name will be: IQ Metal.

The name IQ Metal signals that it is not just a question of supplying metal but that it is metal with a built-in intelligence. ”Whether we are to deliver a simple component, a subassembly or a complete product ready for sale, we control our processes so closely that we ensure that our customer’s costs will be lower than at any other machine and sheet works in Denmark or abroad – this is what we call intelligence”, says the CEO. ”Quite wrongly, many people think that you have to buy in China to obtain the lowest costs and prices, but we have proven that this is not the case. In other words, we can easily compete with the low-wage areas by being more intelligent, and this is what we now want to emphasize with our new name”, he concludes.

And this means that the scene is laid for further growth in the company, a growth that is to be based not only on Danish customers. ”The change of name gives us a platform for supporting the growth we experience in Denmark and internationally, and in the future we will be even closer to the export markets”, says Bo Fischer Larsen, at the same time unveiling an export strategy that will boost turnover further. ”About a year ago, we purchased a Polish company which is very close to the German market, and this can ensure a close relation to the customers in Germany. With our strength within high level process management and their proximity to the market and their lower wages, we believe that we have the basis for attracting new customer in both Denmark and abroad,”, the CEO concludes.

The change of name to IQ Metal A/S will be official from September 1, 2011

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