IQ Metal is ramping up with 5 major robot welding installations and Industry 4.0

8 meter welding robot at IQ Metal

8 meter welding robot at IQ Metal

In recent years, IQ Metal has positioned itself in the field of welding for the most demanding customers and industries.

The company is EN1090 / EN3834 certified and currently has 7 welding robots in operation, but now an investment in 5 new welding robots takes IQ Metal to a completely new level.

The new robots are all tailor-made solutions from Valk Welding and the first installation will be a so-called H-Frame cell, followed by 2 larger installations; an E-Frame 5000 Twin and a HLVP XL TM 2000. The last cell consisting of further one E-Frame 5000 Twin and one HLVP XL TM 2000, will be installed in March 2020.

With the 5 new installations, IQ Metal will weld constructions up to 8 meters in length, and 2 of the cells are equipped with two robots that will double productivity and output. At the same time, and utilizing the Valk Welding installations, IQ Metal is planning to implement an advanced and virtual Industry4.0 platform where automatic logging of welding data, OEE measurements, dynamic state monitoring of equipment will ensure a continuous ”1-unit flow". All programming of the welding robots will be done completely offline.

Ernest Romek, Manager of Technology & Welding is one of IQ Metal's IWE (International Welding Engineer) and he heads up an organization that counts 7 welding engineers
- I have been part of IQ Metal from the start, and I’m very thrilled about the new technology. This new investment means that IQ Metal moves up segment into large welded structures.

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