Elephants, Diablo and the Monster!

IQ Metal 3 x 10 kW 4020 Bystronic Fiberlaser machines incl. Twin Tower Antil material automation

We actually don’t know how it started, yet like in every family at IQ Metal various objects used to have different nicknames. E.g. among characteristic products we used to have the “Elephants” and 6 years ago when IQ Metal implemented the first fully automated 4 kW Fiber Laser cutting machine, as the most natural the workers named the machine “Diablo”, simply because the machine was cutting steel like a real devil.

But how to bend the word “Diablo”? A difficult task but after the implementation of the new huge installation of fully automated 10 kW Fiber laser cutting machines there was only one nickname left, “the Monster”.
Every day the Monster is cutting between 40-50 tons of steel, alu- and stainless steel, and capacity is rarely utilized more than 50%. Easy to understand when the Monster cuts with a speed up to 675% faster compared to traditional laser cutting machines.

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