Partnership Manufacturing

IQ Metal is ready to assist your company strategy, by making plants available in a partnership manufacturing set-up. You can trim your balance sheet and free up resources for growth by outsourcing production to IQ Metal. It’s the closest you get to having your own production facilities in a low-cost country. When we designed the new Szczecin facility, a part of the factory was assigned for Partnership Manufacturing with a dedicated organization and additional resources.  IQ Metal offers a fully “ready-to-go” solution with 100% transparency. With management and organization, competences and shop floors in place, we offer partners the option of production at a speed many times faster than establishing a greenfield production site in a low cost country.



  • Full transparency
  • The closest you get to having your own production in a low-cost country – and fast!
  • Dedicated organization and shop floor ready for your production
  • Optional sourcing of complementary items and materials
  • Systematic process control, e.g. PPAP
  • Focus on cost optimization and making tomorrow better than today

Global footprint
Company in DK
Company in PL
Sourcing office in CN
Global strategic partners

Why is Partnership Manufacturing relevant to you?
Focus your organization’s energy on your own key strategic issues
Free up resources for your growth strategy
Trim your balance sheet
Transform capital costs and depreciations to flexible cost that follow activity level

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