Integrated metal solutions

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Making tomorrow better than today

The IQ Metal Group is a modern industrial company based on our people, know-how and processes.  

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Integrated metal solutions

We continuously strive for perfection

Making tomorrow better than today

The IQ Metal Group is a modern industrial company based on our people, know-how and processes.  

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Employees across our facilities

27.000 m2

Production facilities in Denmark and Poland


Factories located in Denmark and Poland

Partnership Manufacturing

Our mission is to empower our competitive edge by establishing a distinct position in the realm of generic raw material delivery. This will be accomplished through our unique differentiation strategy - the IQ Metal Partnership Manufacturing concept.

Supply Chain Management

IQ Metal has extensive experience in managing complete supply chains for customers, so that ready-to-use products are delivered exactly at the right time at the right location. We can handle even very large contracts covering global supplies of e.g. shop fittings for the retail industry.

We understand our role in the process and make clear agreements with our customers about who is responsible for what, so that nothing is forgotten. This way you can make sure that your logistic flows are not delayed and that resources are not wasted.

Quality Management

At IQ Metal Group we are certified according to all relevant standards such as ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 45001, EN1090, EN3834 and we are approved as supplier to a range of demanding industries.

Our processes

IQ Metal is specialized in providing metal products cost-effectively to customers worldwide. We can give you the exact service you need:

Our advanced welding service

IQ Metal offers comprehensive welding services, handling a variety of materials including aluminum, steel, and stainless steel. Over the decades, we have evolved from a traditional welding supplier with strong craftsmanship skills to a leader in the industry. Our welding organization includes three International Welding Engineers (IWEs) and internal level 3 NDT personnel, demonstrating our deep expertise and commitment to quality. We maintain over 300 certified welding procedures and utilize state-of-the-art TIG, MIG/MAG, and laser welding technologies. Our capabilities range from manual welding to sophisticated robotic welding, accommodating many different applications. This advancement ensures that we consistently meet the highest quality demands, with our welders regularly certified by external organizations to maintain consistent excellence. Through this ongoing development and innovation in welding techniques, IQ Metal remains at the forefront of delivering top-tier, reliable welding solutions suited to a wide range of industrial needs. Read more about our Advanced 3D Measurement with Leica 3D Laser Tracker at IQ Metal.

Our advanced bending capabilities

At IQ Metal, our bending operations exemplify versatility and technological advancement. We are equipped with more than 25 press bending machines, ranging from 30 tons x 1200 mm to an impressive 600 tons x 6000 mm. Additionally, our facility includes state-of-the-art panel bending and 7 bending robots, ensuring we can handle any task our customers require. With a wide array of standard and special tools at our disposal, we are adept at managing both low and high-volume production batches. Our extensive equipment range allows us to efficiently and cost-effectively accommodate any shape and angle required by our clients.This comprehensive suite of bending technologies underscores our commitment to delivering precise, high-quality metal forming services tailored to the diverse needs of our customers.

Laser cutting

Fiber laser and CO2 laser cutting machines with autonomous loading and unloading system.
IQ Metal offers efficient and flexible laser cutting services for all batch sizes. Our high-speed machines and diverse range of equipment ensure we can handle a variety of requirements.
Integrated Antil by Bystronic automation Capacity and productivity:
• 24/5 automated production
• Twin tower 10 m high storage with capacity 300 ton of steel and metal sheets
• Steel, aluminium and stainless steel up to 30 mm Sheet thickness
• Automation of sheets 2000 x 4000 mm
• 675% faster compared to traditional CO2 laser cutting machines.

About us

IQ Metal Group has a presence in three locations, headquarter in Denmark and two production sites in Poland. This strategic positioning enables us to serve our customers in a quality, cost and delivery efficient manner.

Our facilites

One Group, Diverse Capabilities:
Unifying strengths across IQ Metal’s global presence.

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