Code of Conduct

The elaboration of a CSR strategy has become even more important and relevant to IQ Metal A/S since the company founded IQ Metal Polska in May 2010. With the founding of the subsidiary in Poland the company made its first footprint on the global market, which suddenly puts higher demands on the company’s ability to embrace responsibility for its actions.

The CSR-work is usually based upon global principles like FN conventions and OECD guidelines and therefore the CSR policy reflects the core ethics and values of IQ Metal. Hence, IQ Metal has striven to compose a set of ethical rules that stresses what IQ Metal expects of the company, the employees and the suppliers in order to meet these principles.

IQ Metal is organised and complies with all the applicable agreements on the labour market. Additionally, the employees are offered attractive work-related conditions such as health systems, flexible employments, flexible senior retirements, etc. The wages and working hours do always comply with the current legislations as well as the collective agreements. IQ Metal acknowledges their employees right to organise in any legal organisation or union and to participate in collective bargaining. The company is organised in an employer organisation within DI. Furthermore, IQ Metal takes a social responsibility by, among other things, employing people with reduced working capacity, education of apprentices etc.

Internal environment
A well-organised safety procedure must ensure that IQ Metal maintains and develops a working environment, which is healthy, safe and secure to the employees. Moreover, working environment of the company’s shall continuously be rated in the highest authority category.

External environment
IQ Metal is a company that operates on a global market with production in both Denmark and Poland and consequently, IQ Metal has taken a social responsibility in the approach towards the external environment. Among other things, the company sponsors local sports, associations for children with cancer, SOS Children’s Villages and besides this participates actively in the local community.

Environmental requirements
IQ Metal complies uncompromising with the current legislation in terms of the environmental requirements. With the exception of process ventilation, no substances from the processes and production are discharged into the external environment. Additionally, compound of chlorine in the production is non-existent and IQ Metal strives to reduce waste and reduce pollution of air, soil and water.

As IQ Metal has developed from local to global it has become relevant to deliberate on new aspects such as corruption among other things. IQ Metal expects the highest degree of integrity and honesty in all business activities and the company must avoid any form of corruption, direct as well as indirect, fraud, bribery etc.

Child labour
IQ Metal acknowledges children’s right to be children and to educate and therefore, the company does not employ children who are under the mandatory school age. Full time employees under 18 are only employed in connection with the education of apprentices.

IQ Metal expects that employees and suppliers comply with the company’s high ethical policies. As a minimum, suppliers must meet and follow the current laws at any given time.

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