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If you decide to work with IQ Metal, you also decide to leave nothing to chance.
We are experts in controlling processes, because we understand how important it is to have your products supplied on-time in the right quality.

We supply components, subassemblies and total solutions with the same secure process that guarantees efficiency, performance and compliance with whatever quality systems you require.

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As a subcontractor and contract manufacturer, IQ Metal serves demanding industries and sectors by not only delivering physical products but also ensuring that these products meet all necessary specifications and standards. From the initial client contact through project review, production, and final quality assurance and control, our approach is meticulously systematic. At IQ Metal Group we are certified according to all relevant standards such as ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 45001, EN1090, EN3834 and we are approved as supplier to a range of demanding industries.

Processes are supported by advanced front and back office systems, and IQ Metal handles electronic data exchange with our business partners.

Our skilled team of technicians possesses expertise in design and construction, raw materials, surface treatments, 3D offline programming of welding robots, and extensive quality control, including 3D measurement and scanning, internal NDT level 3 , and more. This breadth of competencies requires a systematic approach to orchestrate effectively, ensuring compliance with all relevant specifications.


In addition to our operational excellence, we provide high-quality services such as prototyping, engineering, design, sourcing, and production preparation, supporting the value chain of our partners. Ultimately, our goal is to become your long-term partner, enhancing the value you deliver to your customers.


Our mission statement, "make tomorrow better than today", reflects our ongoing focus on striving for perfection in efficiency and quality, which is attempted to be realized through the use of the "Lean toolbox" and our concept "Gemba Kaizen".

IQ Metal is committed to environmental standards and complies with all relevant regulations and avoids the use of solvents, chlorine or other hazardous consumables. Our working environment is a high priority, and our health and safety policies address zero accidents.


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