IQ Metal provides total cost-effective steel and metal solutions that transcend industry boundaries and skillfully meet diverse and dynamic needs.

Industries We Serve

IQ Metal's solutions within metal and steel meet needs across industries and sectors.

Our capabilities in delivering integrated solutions are designed to meet diverse needs across a vast array of sectors. Instead of listing every industry we serve, we emphasize the adaptability of our solutions, which are crafted through our specialized processes.

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Our extensive range of services, from precision sheet metal enclosures to robust welded stairs and platforms, is applicable in myriad contexts. For instance, a custom-engineered metal enclosure may not only be crucial for machinery in the food industry, a vital component in a wind turbine, or an essential item in maritime electronics, but enclosures are applied in hundreds of application and industrial branches. Similarly, our welded steel and metal structures can be integral to offshore projects, construction sites, logistics equipment, and beyond.


While IQ Metal has a strong presence in demanding fields such as offshore, commercial vehicles, and industrial cooling, our capabilities do not stop there. The companies within the IQ Metal Group are equipped to handle virtually any product made from metal, steel, or aluminum, serving industries far and wide. Our competencies are limitless, crossing industry lines to support any client who can benefit from high-quality metal solutions.


This approach allows us to not merely meet but exceed the diverse and dynamic needs of our clients, showcasing our commitment to excellence and adaptability in every project we undertake

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