IQ Metal Group has a presence in three locations, headquarter in Denmark and two production sites in Poland. This strategic positioning enables us to serve our customers in a quality, cost and delivery efficient manner.

IQ Metal Group is a modern industrial company

At IQ Metal, we are committed to developing our business and meeting our strategic challenges in a financially and socially justifiable way. We adhere to legislation, conduct our activities responsibly, and take measures of a social nature. We also support the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals and have implemented initiatives and commitments within these main focus areas:

  • Environmental and Climate: We are a significant supplier of products for the renewable energy sector, especially the offshore wind turbine industry. We implement energy saving practices, encourage reduce, reuse, and recycle at our workplaces, and reduce CO2 emissions from buildings and manufacturing processes.
  • Responsible Employer: We contribute to the development of competences within our industry through internal and external training and education. We innovate processes and productivity, improve competitiveness, and continuously make our company a better place to work. We offer equal opportunities and conditions for all our employees, regardless of gender, age, and ethnicity.
  • Role in Society: We are a safe place to work and we contribute to national and global improvement of health at work. We support organizations fighting serious diseases, poverty, and children in need. We do not tolerate corruption in all its forms and we have implemented a whistleblower policy.

We are proud of our achievements in sustainability and we strive to continuously improve our performance and impact.

Read more about our role in sustainability in our brochure: SDG at IQ Metal

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Headquarter in Denmark


3 sites and strategic focus to expand our global footprint further

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